Once upon a time I was a lazy teenage blogger.

Back in mid-July 2001, I decided to set up a blog chronicling my vacation to Vancouver, British Columbia.  I declared it to be the best summer ever, since it was the first time I had traveled without my parents to visit family.  We were big kids back then, who did cool things in British Columbia with our new-found freedoms.  We were on top of the world.  But of course, I needed an outlet, a place to share my new adventures. Writing a thousand e-mails to my friends just wasn’t cutting it, so I migrated all my friends to a little area of the internet known as LiveJournal.  With the alias of “qwirkycutie” as User #236,808, I wrote down excerpts of my vacation stories and encouraged all my friends to join, read my stuff, and post their own.

Selling myself short? Perhaps.

I feel as though a move to WordPress represented a move to a more adult platform. Well hey, at the pace I’m taking school nowadays after my stint with hoity-toity overpriced higher education, at least I didn’t end up on that other kind of “adult platform”! Hey hey!

Internet Julie was born, within the grasps of early social media.  Internet Julie was a part of the beginning of Facebook, witnessed the downfall of Myspace, and jumped on Twitter as a way to ADD-consciously spam thoughts very quickly.

Nine years later, I still get embarrassed reading all my past posts on LiveJournal, though.  Unlike all my friends, however, I’ve never purged what I wrote.  Why the eff not?  Not quite sure.  Blogging gave me a voice and sharing my life publicly pulled me out of introversion.  Sure, I used WAY too many ellipses in 2001 and have the vast majority of my teenage heartbreaks floating around for all the world to see, but still, it made me who I am.

I still have my LiveJournal and write in it once in a while, but before, it used to definitely be a place where I went, “Hey, I wish my life were cooler.”  Nowadays, it’s much more a place where I go, “Hey, my life’s pretty cool. No time to write anymore.”

So without further ado, here’s my new stompin’ ground, WordPress.  My name is Julianne.  I’m 24, a Jersey girl living in Boston, with a new-found liking of serif fonts.  My music tastes are unpredictable, I love trying new foods, and I’m a sports addict.  Did I mention I’m an unsuccessfully recovering video game geek?  Yeah.  I do a lot of cool things in Boston, my only only home.  I’ll write if you’re willing to read it, and I’ll write even if you aren’t.

2010 is the Year of the Julie.  Summer2k10, the #bestsummerever.  I’ll promise you that.

np: “Dura” by Ratatat

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  1. 2010 best summah ever, so right you are!

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