Hi from the floor of Seattle-Tacoma Airport/35,000 feet up

First off, I’m trying to get this blog off the ground on mah webspace, provided by my awesome longtime friend Douglas. The WordPress software is openly hating my plugins so for now, I’ll just write here and import it when I have the time. We’ll see how that goes, methinks. I’d want some kickass table plugins, since WordPress really seems to not like me and my manual table codes. The problem with me is that once I have it in my head that I wanna do something a certain way, I will do what I can to implement it that way. The problem with that is my severe lack of coding knowledge is a setback to it. Hopefully stuff I can figure out over time.

This is a really good time of the year (and also in my life) to kickstart regular blog-writing. The summer is over and my super-obsessive work schedule is also over. My vacation is also over, but more on that later.  Also, nine years ago, around this time i started blogging over at LiveJournal, which is incidentally the last time I went to the Pacific Northwest.

Small laundry list of how awesome my summer was and things I’ve done:

Fall is fast approaching!  What to do?  What to write about?  What do you kids want to read about? The life and times of a mid-20’s babe-geek-gamer-jock-semihipster?  Cool Boston events? My awesome “I don’t give a fuck” attitude? Ask and ye shall receive.We’ll see how this goes!  More on PAX soon, when I need something to do while attempting to cure my jetlag.

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