New Year, new resolutions

I made good on my New Year’s resolution in 2010, which was to go to see more shows, concerts, and musical acts. Twelve of them, actually, one for each month. I actually doubled that if anything, making my side-resolution in 2011 to see less shows. Hopefully when I’m done being stranded in Seattle, I’ll make a list, because the actual lineup was pretty impressive. While I saw more indie shows than anything, I also managed to hit up an outdoor concert, a couple of DJ sets, and an opera. Ticketmaster and Live Nation owned my soul and a couple of my paychecks, that’s for sure.

As for me, I’ve been doing pretty well. My overdriven life proceeded to make its way into 2011 in full-force. In the first seven days of the new year, I managed to be in four major cities in seven days – Boston, New York City, Seattle, and Vancouver. Not a bad start for someone who wants to travel more this year.

My main focuses for 2011 are:

1. Eat better. Eat less. Eat more vegetables. 2010 gave me the dinero to go out and try more types of food, but I still ate kind of crappily. I wish I had more space to cook, but that’s not really the case.
2. Exercise more, because exercise makes you happy. This should be easier since I have more of a set schedule at work, and I can work less and stress out less over money and a fluctuating work schedule. I can take days off, I can take weekends off, I can go to the gym without being piss-tired and putting in a half-hearted effort. The rush of exercise makes me happy and energetic, but this isn’t one of those “lose twenty pounds” resolutions. To be honest, I don’t even own a scale.
3. Travel because you can. Because of my reckless fervor of Seattle-longing I’m more privvy to airfare deals. I want to take four trips this year, easy since I’m already on a trip now (duh) and PAX Prime will definitely be on that list. Now that I have more days to take off and my schedule is more regular, I can actually plan this better. I definitely want to hit up Washington DC to hit up a dear friend who just moved in with his girlfriend there, and probably Chicago. My boss and I were talking over Facebook Chat today and he told me, “I’m surprised you don’t travel more”, to which I responded, “I will, this year, because I can”. Because I can.
4. Put money away into your Roth IRA, because if you don’t, then you’re just lazy. I can now really afford to put even chump change in it. The last thing I want to do is dick over a 65-year-old me.
5. Fall in love. No biggie if it doesn’t happen. None of this pussy-ass one-sided love, though. Something real. If not, I always have my teddy bear.

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