Ramen-flail: Minca

I’m shooting off this quick post because my jetlag finally kicked in and now I am stupidly off schedule on my way to New York Comic Con 2012.  It is pretty weird attending Comic Con alone as my sister and her boyfriend are off to a wedding in upstate New York, but it is a great excuse to see some of my PAX friends, especially the ones who work for ReedPop and the Enforcers who pull double duty at NYCC as Crew or attendees.

The upside to going to a major city alone is that no one can particularly tell you what to do, where to go, or who to see.  What I end up doing when I am not supervised usually involves finding great places to eat and drink.  New York is very conducive to my vice.


There’s a special place in hell for a dish this rich and porky. I want to find that place.

Cue Minca.  Boston’s authentic ramen scene is only but a baby, and when you think New
York, you think Ippudo.  I also think, “impatient”, which is then followed by “How can I have an amazing experience without having to wait 2 hours?”  Minca had three things going for it.  For one, a quick glance over its reviews showed that many people preferred it to Ippudo for a few dishes.  Secondly, the wait was almost nonexistent compared to the 1+ hour wait estimate I had gotten when I called Ippudo.  Thirdly, it’s in the East Village, which when you add the East Village to the Lower East Side you get an impressive food playground ripe for the picking.  After a brisk half-mile walk from the J train, I waited for about 10 minutes and had at it.

At Minca, I had the Toroniku Ramen.  In a rich, pseudo-creamy garlic broth you could write home about, were noodles, typical ramen fixtures, fresh cabbage on top, and an egg (for no extra charge).  The highlight of it, though, were the huge, plentiful slow-cooked chunks of fatty pork.  These meat chunks are no joke.  They are huge and take up half the bowl, and I was still eating pork when I had already cleared the bowl of noodles.  I was also expecting over-salty, as that tends to be a typical feature of ramen dishes, but it was surprisingly not.  And the noodles were of great quality.

I’m not one to write praises about food often and eloquently – but holy crap, you should definitely trek out here to try this.

My arteries are filled with love.

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